Kevin wrote:
> Arnau wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> >
>> >     COPY FROM a file with all the ID's to delete, into a temporary
>> table, and  do a joined delete to your main table (thus, only one query).
>>   I already did this, but I don't have idea about how to do this join,
>> could you give me a hint ;-) ?
>> Thank you very much
> maybe something like this:
> DELETE FROM statistics_sasme s
>     LEFT JOIN temp_table t ON (s.statistic_id = t.statistic_id)
> WHERE t.statistic_id IS NOT NULL

Why can't you do:
DELETE FROM statistics_sasme s JOIN temp_table t ON (s.statistic_id =

Or possibly:

DELETE FROM statistics_sasme s
      WHERE IN (SELECT t.statistic_id FROM temp_table t);

I'm not sure how delete exactly works with joins, but the IN form should
be approximately correct.


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