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            - benchmarking something else than ext3
                    (xfs ? reiser3 ?)

We've had bad experiences under extreme and/or strange workloads with XFS here in general, although this is the first major postgresql project - the rest were with other applications writing to XFS. Bad experiences like XFS filesystems "detecting internal inconsistencies" at runtime and unmounting themselves from within the kernel module (much to the dismay of applications with open files on the filesystem), on machines with validated good hardware. It has made me leary of using anything other than ext3 for fear of stability problems. Reiser3 might be worth taking a look at though.

Just one tidbit. We tried XFS on a very active system similar to what you describe. Dual opterons, 8GB memory, fiber channel drives, 2.6 kernel, etc. And the reliability was awful. We spent a lot of time making changes one at a time to try and isolate the cause; when we switched out from XFS to ReiserFS our stability problems went away.

It may be the case that the XFS problems have all been corrected in newer kernels, but I'm not going to put too much effort into trying that again.

I recently built a postgres with 32KB block sizes and have been doing some testing. For our particular workloads it has been a win.

-- Alan

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