I would like to build a shared repository for Enterprise Architect
(http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/ea.htm) using PostgreSQL. I have done it
before with Linux and FreeBSD servers and everything was working out of the
box. The repository is pretty simple database with less than 100 tables (the
schema is at

The problem is that at the moment I have only a Windows XP "server" at my
disposal. I have installed PostgreSQL 8.0.3 for Windows and set the
repository up. Unfortunately the performance is unacceptable: every
operation with the model stored in the repository is by the order of
magnitude slower than on the FreeBSD server with half as good hardware.
(BTW CPU load is nearly 0, network load is under 5%, the machine has 1GB
RAM and the database size is 14MB.)

I have tried to:
- tweak the postgresql.conf - no apparent change
- kill all unnecessary services - no apparent change
- install MySQL on the same machine to compare - it is as fast as PostgreSQL
  on FreeBSD (= way faster than PG on the machine)

Anyway I believe the problem is in the Win PostgreSQL server but I have no
idea where to look and neither do I have much time to spend.
(Also I really do not want to run MySQL ;-)

Any suggestions are welcome.


Dalibor Sramek


More information about EA PGSQL repositories:

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