Good afternoon,
We have an application based on opencms6 / Tomcat5. The data management of the 
content is kept in a PostgreSQL 8.0.2 base.
The pages' display is extremely slow (it can take up to several minutes per 
refresh). Thus, it would not be applicable  in production.
Material configuration details of the server hosting PostgreSQL :
- Windows Server 2003
- Bi-processor Intel Xeon 3.0 GHz
- RAM 4 Go
- Disks on SAN - access through optical fibre
I have noticed that several sequential accesses happen on the tables of the cms 
during the questioning.
My questions :
What would be the best configuration parameters of the postgresql.conf file (or 
another file) to enhance the performances ?
What could we do on Opencms' side to improve the data interrogation?
Is the creation of the tables (index) through opencms optimum ?
Your advices are most welcome.

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