It looks like a rebranded low end Adaptec 64MB PCI-X <-> SATA RAID card.
Looks like the 64MB buffer is not upgradable.
Looks like it's SATA, not SATA II

There are much better ways to spend your money.

These are the products with the current best price/performance ratio:

Assuming you are not building 1U boxes, get one of the full height
cards and order it with the maximum size buffer you can afford.
The cards take 1 SODIMM, so that will be a max of 1GB or 2GB
depending on whether 2GB SODIMMs are available to you yet.


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Subject: [PERFORM] Advice on RAID card

        Hello fellow Postgresql'ers.

        I've been stumbled on this RAID card which looks nice. It is a PCI-X 
Raid card with 6 channels, and does RAID  0,1,5,10,50.
        It is a HP card with an Adaptec chip on it, and 64 MB cache.

        HP Part # : 372953-B21
        Adaptec Part # : AAR-2610SA/64MB/HP

        There' even a picture :

        I know it isn't as good as a full SCSI system. I just want to know if  
some of you have had experiences with these, and if this cards belong to  
the "slower than no RAID" camp, like some DELL card we often see mentioned  
here, or to the "decent performance for the price" camp. It is to run on a  

        Thanks in advance for your time and information.

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