1) AFAIK, no. Just in case you are thinking "There should be a way coz I
know it will be used all the time", you must know that postgresql philosophy
is "I'm smarter than you". If table is used all the time, it will be in
memory, if not, it won't waste memory.
2) don't know.
3) see number 1) Of course, you could run into a pathological case where
table is queried just before being taken out of memory. But it means, the
table isn't queried all the time...


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... to do the following:
  (1) Make a table memory-resident only ?
  (2) Set up user variables in memory that are persistent across all
sessions, for
      as long as the database is up and running ?
  (3) Assure that a disk-based table is always in memory (outside of keeping
it in
      memory buffers as a result of frequent activity which would prevent
      operations from taking it out) ?

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