On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 07:33:47PM -0400, Ron Peacetree wrote:
> pg is _very_ stupid about caching.  Almost all of the caching is left
> to the OS, and it's that way by design (as post after post by TL has
> pointed out).
> That means pg has almost no ability to take application domain
> specific knowledge into account when deciding what to cache.
> There's plenty of papers on caching out there that show that
> context dependent knowledge leads to more effective caching
> algorithms than context independent ones are capable of.
> (Which means said design choice is a Mistake, but unfortunately
> one with too much inertia behind it currentyl to change easily.)
> Under these circumstances, it is quite possible that an expert class
> human could optimize memory usage better than the OS + pg.

Do you have any examples where this has actually happened? Especially
with 8.x, which isn't all that 'stupid' about how it handles buffers?
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