> Talk about your IO system a bit. There might be obvious ways to improve.
> What System/Motherboard are you using?
> What Controller Cards are you using?
> What kind of Disks do you have (SATA, SCSI 7.6k 10k 15k)
> What denominations (9, 18, 36, 72, 143, 80, 160, 200 240Gig)?
> What kind of RAIDs do you have setup (How many drives what stripe sizes,
> how many used for what).
> What levels of RAID are you using (0,1,10,5,50)?

It's a quad opteron system. RAID controller is a 4 channel LSILogic Megaraid  
320 connected to 10 15k 36.7G SCSI disks. The disks are configured in 5 
mirrored partitions. The pg_xlog is on one mirror and the data and indexes 
are spread over the other 4 using tablespaces. These numbers from 
pg_stat_user_tables are from about 2 hours earlier today on this one table.

idx_scan           20578690
idx_tup_fetch  35866104841
n_tup_ins        1940081
n_tup_upd       1604041
n_tup_del        1880424

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