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> Hi to all, 
> I have the following problem: I have a client to which we send every night a
> "dump" with a the database in which there are only their data's. It is a
> stupid solution but I choose this solution because I couldn't find any better.
> The target machine is a windows 2003.
> So, I have a replication only with the tables that I need to send, then I make
> a copy of this replication, and from this copy I delete all the data's that
> are not needed. 
> How can I increase this DELETE procedure because it is really slow???  There
> are of corse a lot of data's to be deleted.

Do you have foreign key relationships that must be followed for cascade
delete?  If so, make sure that you have indices on them.  Are you running
any type of vacuum after the whole process?  What kind?


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