On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 06:07:12PM +0000, Rodrigo Madera wrote:
> 1) Is there any way for me to send the binary field directly without needing
> escape codes?

In 7.4 and later the client/server protocol supports binary data
transfer.  If you're programming with libpq you can use PQexecParams()
to send and/or retrieve values in binary instead of text.


APIs built on top of libpq or that implement the protcol themselves
might provide hooks to this capability; check your documentation.
What language and API are you using?



> 2) Will this mean that the client actually wastes my network bandwidth
> converting binary data to text? Or does the client transparently manage
> this?

Binary transfer sends data in binary, not by automatically converting
to and from text.

Michael Fuhr

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