Christian Paul B. Cosinas wrote:
Hi To all those who replied. Thank You.

I monitor my database server a while ago and found out that memory is used
extensively when I am fetching records from the database. I use the command
"fetch all" in my VB Code and put it in a recordset.Also in this command the
CPU utilization is used extensively.

Is there something wrong with my code or is it just the way postgresql is
behaving which I cannot do something about it?

I just monitor one workstation connecting to the database server and it is
already eating up about 20 % of the CPU of database server.

Which I think will not be applicable to our system since we have a target of
25 PC connecting to the database server most of the time.

Could you post the query and the output of EXPLAIN ANALYZE?

In addition, have you run ANALYZE on all the tables in that database ? (sorry, have to ask :-) ....).



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