""Merlin Moncure"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
> Running from remote, Time progression is:
> First  50k: 20 sec
> Second    : 29 sec
> [...]
> final:    : 66 sec
This may due to the maintainence cost of a big transaction, I am not sure 
... Tom?

> so, clear upward progression of time/rec.  Initial time is 2.5k
> inserts/sec which is decent but not great for such a narrow table.  CPU
> time on server starts around 50% and drops in exact proportion to insert
> performance.  My earlier gprof test also suggest there is no smoking gun
> sucking down all the cpu time.

Not to 100%, so this means the server is always starving. It is waiting on 
something -- of couse not lock. That's why I think there is some problem on 
network communication. Another suspect will be the write - I knwo NTFS 
system will issue an internal log when extending a file. To remove the 
second suspect, I will try to hack the source to do a "fake" write ...


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