> > Sorry, I don't follow you here - what do you mean to do? Remove the
> > event completely so we can't wait on it?
> >
> I'd like to use the win32 provided recv(), send() functions instead of
> redirect them to pgwin32_recv()/pgwin32_send(), just like libpq does.
> we do this, we will lose some functionalities, but I'd like to see the
> performance difference first. -- do you think that will be any

I personally strongly doubt this will make a diffenrence.  Anyways I
think we might be looking at the wrong place.  Here was my test:
1. drop/create table two fields (id int, f text) no keys
2. begin
3. insert 500k rows.  every 50k get time get geometric growth in insert
4. commit

I am doing this via 
type dump.sql | psql -q mydb

I rearrange:
every 50k rows get time but also restart transaction.  I would ex

Guess what...no change.  This was a shocker.  So I wrap dump.sql with
another file that is just 
\i dump.sql
\i dump.sql

and get time to insert 50k recs resets after first dump...


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