Title: Re: [PERFORM] Sort performance on large tables

On 11/8/05 9:38 AM, "Stephan Szabo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Just as we find with a similar comparison (with a "popular commercial,
> proprietary database" :-) Though some might suggest you increase
> work_mem or other tuning suggestions to speed sorting, none work.  In
> fact, we find that increasing work_mem actually slows sorting slightly.

I wish you'd qualify your statements, because I can demonstrably show that
I can make sorts go faster on my machine at least by increasing work_mem
under some conditions.

Cool – can you provide your test case please?  I’ll ask our folks to do the same, but as I recall we did some pretty thorough testing and found that it doesn’t help.  Moreover, the conclusion was that the current algorithm isn’t designed to use memory effectively.

Recognize also that we’re looking for a factor of 10 or more improvement here – this is not a small increase that’s needed.

- Luke

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