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Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Frank Wiles wrote:
> >   Obviously there are systems/datasets/quantities where this won't
> >   always work out best, but for the majority of systems out there 
> >   complicating your schema, maxing your hardware, and THEN tuning
> >   is IMHO the wrong approach. 
> I wasn't suggesting to complicate the schema -- I was actually
> thinking in systems where some queries are not using indexes, some
> queries are plain wrong, etc.  Buying a very expensive RAID and then
> noticing that you just needed to create an index, is going to make
> somebody feel at least somewhat stupid.

  Sorry I was referring to Ron statement that the first step should
  be to "Optimize your schema to be as tight as possible." 

  But I agree, finding out you need an index after spending $$$ on 
  extra hardware would be bad.  Especially if you have to explain it
  to the person forking over the $$$! :) 

   Frank Wiles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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