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Have you tried the areca cards, they are slightly faster yet. 
No, I've been curious since I read an earlier posting here.  I've had a lot more experience with the 3Ware cards, mostly good, and they've been doing a lot of volume with Rackable/Yahoo which gives me some more confidence.
The new 3Ware 9550SX cards use a PowerPC for checksumming, so their write performance is now up to par with the best cards I believe.  We find that you still need to set Linux readahead to at least 8MB (blockdev --setra) to get maximum read performance on them, is that your experience with the Arecas?  We get about 260MB/s read on 8 drives in RAID5 without the readahead tuning and about 400MB/s with it.
- Luke

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