Title: Re: [PERFORM] Hardware/OS recommendations for large databases ( 5TB)

On 11/15/05 7:20 AM, "Merlin Moncure" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

It's hard to say what would be better.  My gut says the 5u box would be
a lot better at handling high cpu/high concurrency problems...like your
typical business erp backend.  This is pure speculation of course...I'll
defer to the experts here.

With Oracle RAC, which is optimized for OLTP and uses a shared memory caching model, maybe or maybe not.  I’d put my money on the SMP in that case as you suggest, but what happens when the OS dies?

For data warehousing, OLAP and decision support applications, RAC and other shared memory/disk architectures don’t do you any good and the SMP machine is better by a bit.

However, if you have an MPP database, where disk and memory are not shared, then the SMP machine is tens or hundreds of times slower than the cluster of the same price.

- Luke

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