I guess I've never bought into the vendor story that there are
two reliability grades. Why would they bother making two
different kinds of bearing, motor etc ? Seems like it's more
likely an excuse to justify higher prices. In my experience the
expensive SCSI drives I own break frequently while the cheapo
desktop drives just keep chunking along (modulo certain products
that have a specific known reliability problem).

I don't know if the reliability grade is true or not but what I can tell
you is that I have scsi drives that are 5+ years old that still work without

I have never had an IDE drive last longer than 3 years (when used in production).

That being said, so what. That is what raid is for. You loose a drive and hot swap
it back in. Heck keep a hotspare in the trays.

Joshua D. Drake

I'd expect that a larger number of hotter drives will give a less reliable
system than a smaller number of cooler ones.

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