Title: Re: [PERFORM] Hardware/OS recommendations for large databases ( 5TB)

On 11/15/05 11:07 AM, "James Mello" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Unless there was a way to guarantee consistency, it would be hard at
best to make this work. Convergence on large data sets across boxes is
non-trivial, and diffing databases is difficult at best. Unless there
was some form of automated way to ensure consistency, going 8 ways into
separate boxes is *very* hard. I do suppose that if you have fancy
storage (EMC, Hitachi) you could do BCV or Shadow copies. But in terms
of commodity stuff, I'd have to agree with Merlin.

It’s a matter of good software that handles the distribution / parallel query optimization / distributed transactions and management features.  Combine that with a gigabit ethernet switch and it works – we routinely get 50x speedup over SMP on OLAP / Decision Support workloads.


- Luke

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