That way if someone wanted to upgrade from 7.2 to 8.1, they can just grab the latest dumper from the website, dump their old database, then upgrade easily.

But if they're upgrading to 8.1, don't they already have the new
pg_dump? How else are they going to dump their *new* database?

Erm. Usually when you install the new package/port for 8.1, you cannot have both new and old installed at the same time man. Remember they both store exactly the same binary files in exactly the same place.

In my experience not many pgsql admins have test servers or the skills to build up test machines with the latest pg_dump,

I don't, but I still dump with the latest version - works fine both on
linux and windows for me...

So you're saying you DO have the skills to do it then...

etc. (Seriously.) In fact, few realise at all that they should use the 8.1 dumper.

That most people don't know they should use the new one I understand
though. But I don't see how this will help against that :-)

It'll make it easy...


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