> >>That way if someone wanted to upgrade from 7.2 to 8.1, they 
> can just 
> >>grab the latest dumper from the website, dump their old 
> database, then 
> >>upgrade easily.
> > 
> > But if they're upgrading to 8.1, don't they already have the new 
> > pg_dump? How else are they going to dump their *new* database?
> Erm.  Usually when you install the new package/port for 8.1, 
> you cannot have both new and old installed at the same time 
> man.  Remember they both store exactly the same binary files 
> in exactly the same place.

Urrk. Didn't think of that. I always install from source on Unix, which
doesn't have the problem. And the Windows port doesn't have this problem
- it will put the binaries in a version dependant directory.

One could claim the packages are broken ;-), but that's not gonig to
help here, I know...

(I always install in pgsql-<version>, and then symlink pgsql there..)

> >>etc.  (Seriously.) In fact, few realise at all that they should use 
> >>the 8.1 dumper.
> > 
> > That most people don't know they should use the new one I 
> understand 
> > though. But I don't see how this will help against that :-)
> It'll make it easy...

You assume they know enough to download it. If they don't know to look
for it, they still won't find it.

But the bottom line: I can see how it would be helpful if you're on a
distro which packages postgresql in a way that prevents you from
installing more than one version at the same time.


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