Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:

Quite seriously, if you're still using 7.2.4 for production purposes
you could justifiably be accused of negligence....

Perhaps we should put a link on the home page underneath LATEST RELEASEs
    7.2: de-supported
with a link to a scary note along the lines of the above.

I strongly support an explicit desupported notice for 7.2 and below on the website...

I'd go so far as to say the version #s of supported versions
is one of pieces of information I'd most expect to see on
the main support page ( ).

Perhaps it'd be nice to even show a table like
   Version    Released On     Support Ends
   7.1        4 BC            Sep 3 1752
   7.2        Feb 31 1900     Jan 0 2000
   7.4        2003-11-17      At least 2005-x-x
   8.0        2005-01-19      At least 2006-x-x
with a footnote saying that only the most recent dot release
of each family is considered supported.

It also might be nice to have a footnote saying that any
of the commercical support companies might support the older
versions for longer periods of time.

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