On Nov 18, 2005, at 1:07 AM, Luke Lonergan wrote:

A $1,000 system with one CPU and two SATA disks in a software RAID0 will perform exactly the same as a $80,000 system with 8 dual core CPUs and the world's best SCSI RAID hardware on a large database for decision support
(what the poster asked about).

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Whooo... needed to fall out of my chair laughing this morning.

I can tell you from direct personal experience that you're just plain wrong.

I've had to move my primary DB server from a dual P3 1GHz with 4-disk RAID10 SCSI, to Dual P3 2GHz with 14-disk RAID10 and faster drives, to Dual Opteron 2GHz with 8-disk RAID10 and even faster disks to keep up with my load on a 60+ GB database. The Dual opteron system has just a little bit of extra capacity if I offload some of the reporting operations to a replicated copy (via slony1). If I run all the queries on the one DB it can't keep up.

One most telling point about the difference in speed is that the 14- disk array system cannot keep up with the replication being generated by the dual opteron, even when it is no doing any other queries of its own. The I/O system just ain't fast enough.

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