On 9/20/16 11:12 AM, Torsten Bergmann wrote:

the expression

  MetacelloPlatform  current defaultRepositoryDescription

returns the meta repo for pharo 3 
even when run in Pharo 6.

This is because MetacelloPharoCommonPlatform has a single subclass 

I guess this is because Metacello scripting API was integrated back in Pharo 3.
Yes ...
Do we need to
update this to a MetacelloPharo60Platform in Pharo 6 ?

This _is_ a feature of Metacello in the sense that if a repository: is not included in a `Metacello new` expression, the default repository is used, but with that said, it is clearly not used very heavily:)

I still think it would be useful to be able to write:

  Metacello new baseline: 'xxxx'; load

and get the proper project loaded for the image, but I can't force folks to use this form --- especially if the default isn't correct;)

It's still not clear whether folks have actually begun using the scripting API as much as they should --- the old way of sending load to a ConfigurationOf is at least 3 years out of date ...


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