Thanks for your help,
The problem was indeed I couldn't write in the package-cache. The owner of
the folder was root. But I'm surprised because I have already managed to
save some packages in it. Anyhow thank you very much.

2018-02-18 22:48 GMT+01:00 Stephan Eggermont <>:

> Nicolas Cellier
> <> wrote:
> > These are my files, I want to be in control and manage them by myself.
> > Eventually save them on another medium, and not mix them with thousands
> of
> > other files that generally populate a package-cache.
> > Do you see what I mean?
> Two aspects:
> 1 It sounds like you have a shared package cache for all your images? That
> is somewhat incompatible with the current tooling, especially with regard
> to reproducible loading of Metacello configurations. Having lots of
> duplicated mcz's in each image's package cache is wasteful
> 2 Yes, having much more control over the package cache makes sense,
> especially with TelePharo. Different scenario's need different strategies.
> Mixing new, own code with loaded frameworks is not very practical
> Stephan

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