Max Leske wrote
> Assuming UTC is probably just as wrong as assuming the local time zone.

I'll modify your statement slightly. "Assuming UTC is */almost/* as wrong as
assuming the local time zone."

I've never seemed to be able to drive the essential point home when these
discussions have come up. Beyond all the wider issues, there is a bug, plain
and simple: The offset of `'1/1/1990' asDate`, considering that you mean
local time, is still not guaranteed to be the current local offset of the
image, which is how we set it by default. That only makes sense if the
historical date in question was in the same state of DST as the current
image. For example, the historical date above is in winter, so if I eval
that code in summer, it will /always/ give the objectively wrong offset.

What I'm proposing is not a cure all, but a slightly-better way that fixes
this bug by giving users consistent behavior that they may not want instead
of inconsistent and often wrong behavior that they may not want.

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