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> Sven Van Caekenberghe-2 wrote
>> I think that making Date always UTC will probably not help, because you
>> will want to be able to move between timezones
> Two things:
> - I don't think changing timezones will be affected, because my proposal is
> only: "default to 0 offset for new Date[AndTime] instances where no offset
> is specified". This would not prevent changing the offset later on (although
> one would make the case that since guessing default offset is unfixable in
> practice in the core, it should be removed altogether), and it also wouldn't
> affect the offset of the image, so `Date today` would still use the local
> offset.
> - I'm not saying that it is a panacea, but it will avoid the bug in
> question. It is less wrong than the current behavior and will allow those of
> us on DST to keep our sanity while we come up with a more perfect long term
> solution.
> What is the downside to this change?

So you want to change

'1/1/1990' asDate.

so that it does the equivalent of

(DateAndTime fromString: '1990-01-01T00:00:00Z') asDate.

While you would not want to change

Date today.

so that it does the equivalent of

DateAndTime now asUTC asDate. 


Is that the key change ? And why not the second ?

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