My Pharo4.0 image is in a situation where each MNU exception throw from
a DNU result in infinite loop, locking the image, even not breakable
with alt+[.].

>From the doesNotUnderstand: message,
the "exception reachedDefaultHandler" always returns true, and it
results in the execution of the true block, sending again the original
message to the original object, repeating a DNU and so on.

Any idea how to fix that?



doesNotUnderstand: aMessage
         "Handle the fact that there was an attempt to send the given message
to the receiver but the receiver does not understand this message
(typically sent from the machine when a message is sent to the receiver
and no method is defined for that selector)."
        "Testing: (3 activeProcess)"
        | exception resumeValue |
        (exception := MessageNotUnderstood new)
                message: aMessage;
                receiver: self.
        resumeValue := exception signal.
        ^exception reachedDefaultHandler
                ifTrue: [aMessage sentTo: self]
                ifFalse: [resumeValue]

Dr. Geo

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