Hello, two questions about Seaside sessions:

1) URL sharing between different users - what if "boss" shares URL from his 
browser and send it to another regular user - of course, easy way, whole URL 
with session (_s=xxxx) - when another/regular user opens that link -> whole 
"boss" session opens in regular user's browser, with all "boss" permissions, UI 
state etc etc - very bad, is there any solution for this? Rewrite every (!) URL 
with updateURL: is not solution :(

2) What is the actual way for "session expiration/login page"? There is few 
tutorials and books on the inet - but info about session expiration is obsolete 
:( Methods from tutorials not exists in Seaside 3.2.0.
Some trick with WAApplication subclass is actual?

Thanks very much! pf

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