I've been working on an API for the Nao Robot [1] in Pharo. You can find an
early demo of how it works in Pharo:

Moreover, I built a communication bridge between the Nao and LRP [2]. LRP
is a live programming language for robotic behaviors. You can see a working
demo of the nao moving via LRP here:

I want to emphasize how easy and fun can be to program a robot with a live
environment. Looking at the robot and see how immediately changes its
behavior whenever you send a command, that is cool!

You can find the API here (I have to write the documentation on how to use

This is a work in progress. The Nao has several features that I'm planning
to incorporate in the API when they are needed.

To make this work I use TCP sockets to communicate with the robot. For the
Nao, there is a documentation on how the robot communicates via binary
packages, but the documentation lacks a lot of information that I managed
to figure it out by reading the binary information (thanks gtInspector for
that) and understanding how the robot works.

[1] https://www.ald.softbankrobotics.com/en/cool-robots/nao
[2] pleiad.cl/lrp

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