Hello All.
I try to use Ajax/JQuery to update a value in a HTML table by clicking on
the table heading.
The new value (the update) is not written in the tabledata I associated an
id with, but before the table.

The code :

renderContentOn: html

html table: [

html tableHead: [

html tableRow: [

html tableHeading: [ html anchor url: 'javascript:void(0)'; onClick:

((html jQuery: #changeMe) load html: 'BBB'); with: 'Update'].



html tableBody: [

html span id: #changeMe; with: [html tableData: [html render: 'AAA']].



The debugger in Firefox displays clearly that the "span id: #changeMe" is
not written at the correct place in the generated javascript.

[image: Images intégrées 1]

What am I doing wrong?

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