Hi Esteban,

nice to meet you online.  I saw your presentation on UTube.

I found your concept quite intriguing, so I wonder why no one else is
interested - 
besides the notorious lack of popularity that Smalltalk is cursed
with, to the unreasonable 
great benefit of it's fugly spin-offs.

I want to check it out, plus, I want to see the new lean CMS that you
underpinned it with.

Have you encountered or envisioned any drawbacks of your concept, that
would hamper 
any techniques neccessary in contemporary web app programming?
Kind regards,

On 13.3.2018 at 4:49 PM, "Esteban Lorenzano"  wrote:

On 13 Mar 2018, at 16:06, in_pharo_us...@nym.hush.com wrote:
Dear List,

I was trying to set up Tide / Amber.

I found a Tide version for Pharo 3, but optimistically I tryed to set
it up with Pharo 6.

Then I went to 5, 4, and then I used 3.

I set Tide up according to the instructions, and well, the JSON
interface seemed to work fine.

This may not be the concern of this list:  Then I tried to get Amber
running, but I failed.  I found no description thatI was able to
follow to success.

What is the state of Tide?  Is it still actively supported, or has it
either vanished into a proprietary enterprise or been abandoned?

If it went to proprieary, is a successor still available?

Has it been abandoned in relation to technical or other shortcomings
of the concept?

Can anyone help me to get Tide running on Pharo 6?

AFAIK, nobody is actively using it (and I should know, since I was one
of the developers). Now, the general idea and implementation of Tide
was simple and it shouldn’t be much work to make it run on Pharo 6.1
(somethings changed, but I do not think too much in that area). 
There is still the problem around Amber, but that’s more a question
for Amber list, I have no idea of its current status (and on how the
amber part of tide would work).
Kind regards,


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