Thanks I will dig on that direction.

By the way, DrGeo code at SH is obsolete. Pharo7 port is at, more precisely

I should update the information page.

Thanks for the tips

Le 10/04/2018 à 21:36, a écrit :
Hi Hilaire,
  I have seen the same problem when trying to reproduce the error with FreeTypeFonts. I can see that the problem arise because there is a startUp of a class that is calling the #splash method. This method uses Delay. As this is run during the startup of the classes, it runs with the higher priority. Taking precedence over the Delay scheduling process. In Pharo 7 the startup of the session runs in higher priority so it cannot be interrupted. This is done in that way to fix some problems during the initialization of the session (Now, I could not remember what was fixed).
I believe this actions should be executed as a deferred action.

Also I have found a problem with the requirement of the UIThemeWatery class, I have fixed it extending UITheme with a new subclass (same behavior) so the code can be loaded.

If you want I can help you to port DrGeo to Pharo7.

Dr. Geo

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