No, it is possible to install them without github account.

You need to set protocol to https:

 Iceberg enableMetacelloIntegration: true; remoteTypeSelector: #httpsUrl.


Baveco, Hans wrote:
Thanks Ben!

I created a github account, installed git and git bash, created SSH keys, added keys to my github account, and changed the settings in Pharo to use these keys, and finally was able to install the packages I wanted to try. (roassal2 still not installing though).

Question remains, is this really the only way to get these packages that live on github into the image? I had no plans to work with git/github, but was now forced to spent quite some time on it....



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On 6 April 2018 at 00:02, Baveco, Hans <hans.baveco@
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    Trying to install Territorial the installation got stuck on the
    installation of Roassal2 1.35, with error “LGitObjectNotInitialized”

    Transcript says:

    “Project: Roassal2 1.35

    I got an error while cloning: There was an authentication error
    while trying to execute the operation: error authenticating:
    failed connecting agent.

    This happens usually because you didn't provide a valid set of

    You may fix this problem in different ways:

    1. adding your keys to ssh-agent, executing ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    in your command line.

    2. adding your keys in settings (open settings browser search for
    "Use custom SSH keys" and

    add your public and private keys).

    3. using HTTPS instead SSH (Just use an url in the form
    HTTPS://etc.git). I will try to clone the HTTPS variant.”

    I have encountered this several t
imes before, for different
    packages (on windows 7, pharo 6.1 (Image: Pharo6.0 [Latest update:
    #60540])) and have no idea how to deal with this.

    Any suggestions?


On Windows you need to use option 2. World Menu > Settings > etc...

cheers -ben

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