Exactly! The JRMPC participants were more used to looking things up quickly
and easily, rather than exploring. It's not easy to teach people how to
explore a system for needed information, and more importantly, it's a
time-consuming process. People are impatient.

Smalltalk is not for impatient people, and that's the major problem.

Ben Coman wrote
> Pharo has some good documentation, but its more lesson-based than a
> library
> reference.
> Those of us familiar with Pharo know the tricks to use the system itself
> as
> that reference, but I'd imagine this is an unfamiliar workflow for
> newcomers.
> I have seen before a class library reference generated from the image, but
> I couldn't put my hands on it right now.
> @all, is it still being generated?. This might provide newcomers
> something more familiar to work with.
> cheers -ben
> On Tue, 24 Mar 2020 at 03:00, Richard Kenneth Eng <

> horrido.hobbies@

> >
> wrote:
>> https://jrmpc.ca/2020/03/20/what-makes-learning-smalltalk-challenging/
>> FWIW, 95% of respondents pointed to the lack of reference documentation
>> for the class library as the major obstacle to learning Smalltalk/Pharo.
>> Richard

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