> You are warmly invited to:
> Immoral Afternoon Tea
> 21 October, 3pm
> Common Room, Philosophy Faculty, Sidgwick Site
> Initial meeting of the Immoral Sciences Club: For Women in Philosophy in the 
> new academic year. 
> Meet other people involved, get in touch and find out about what we are 
> planning over an afternoon cup of tea in the philosophy faculty!
> The Immoral Sciences Club is an undergradute society for women in Philosophy 
> focusing on the representation of women and the philosophy done by women 
> within our subject. 
> Philosophy has long been but does not need to be a discipline practiced by 
> old white men for old white men only!
> Open to everyone interested, whether they define as women and non-binary or 
> not, whether they do philosophy or not, whether they are undergraduates of 
> not!

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