Dear all, 

This Thursday (Oct 13) at the Serious Metaphysics Group, Natalja Deng
will be speaking on 'Does temporal ontology exist?' (abstract below.)
The talk will be at 1.00-2.30pm, at the Philosophy faculty board room. 

For the rest of the Michaelmas term card, please do have a look here: [1]

Best wishes,
Li Li 

The main aim of this talk is a modest one, though one in the spirit of
skeptical views about temporal ontology: it's to motivate the title
question, i.e. to show that there is an open question about what's at
stake in temporal ontology. That aim is pursued indirectly, via an
examination of elucidation attempts by Ted Sider, Christian Wuethrich,
and Tom Stoneham. I also explore a link to normative views about how we
should relate to time, which gives rise not to a candidate
interpretation, but to a possible re-orientation of the debate. 


Li Li Tan
PhD Candidate in Philosophy
St Catharine's College


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