The feed nut and bar are offset. Bob

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The Triumph A 2/4 upgrade mandrel is very rare because most of  the time
you see an A it has the B upgrade mandrel on it which will fit but  you have
to move the upper bed plate all the way to the right so the belt will  not
hit so the screw holding the bedplate down will be all the way to the left 
and not centered in its lug.

All the upgrade mandrels and feedscrews are stamped.  My article  below and
the copies of the Edison letter should answer all your questions, if  not
please let me know.

I have a Triumph A with a B mandrel on it.  No other companies made  them
to my knowledge.  Edison made 2/4 upgrade mandrels and pulleys for  the
Concert, the early Spring Motor, and the ABC triumphs.


I was able to find  a copy of a letter Edison sent to his dealers telling
about the different  mandrel upgrades for the home and triumphs.  If the
dealers  needed a letter, how much more will this information help us?
Here are some  things that I have found from the letter and myself.  The
lengths of the  triumph feed screws are as follows:
The A is 4 27/32"  and is marked T D A I  and TA on the feedscrew and the
The B is 5" and is  marked T D B I, TBI, or just a large TB on the mandrel
and the end of the  feed screw is also marked.
The C is 5  1/4" and is marked T  D C I on the feedscrew and the mandrel. I
have never seen a C except for  a pulley.
The D and E (and F  I assume) is marked T D only.
The pulley is  marked with an A B C or D.
The home is marked  H B I, IHB or H A B I for the A & B and H C for  C.
The home D and  higher is marked H D.
If you put a  Triumph B mandrel on a Triumph A you have to move the upper
bedplate to the  right all the way to compensate or the belt hits where it
goes through the  lower bedplate.  My Triumph A has a B mandrel on  it.
I believe the  pulleys are the same, and think the shifters on the C kits
have the lip like  the D and higher does, but I have only seen one home C and
one triumph C with  the kit so I can’t say for certain.  7 or 8 Triumph C’
s  are known and the Home C is very uncommon.
Until I saw this  letter on eBay (I did not win it but purchased a
photocopy from the winner) I  did not know they made 5 different ones.  If 
wants a copy of the  letter e-mail to them please contact me.
>From Terry  Baer:
The model C used a  unique mandrel assembly
with "captured" bearing.  Picture  an early two minute mandrel shaft.
the mandrel  and turn down the area under the mandrel to about 5/16" leaving
the larger  5/8" feedscrew.  Now slip on a bearing that is 5/8 OD 5/16  ID.
Now slip on a mandrel with smaller 5/16 holes on both ends.   Now slip the
whole assembly in the top works.


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No access to my books right now, would it be different than the one for
the triumph model b?

John robles

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I have heard tell here and there that Edison, and possible some  other
companies, produced 2/4 minute conversion kits for the Triumph model A
phonograph, but I have never seen one, and I'm not sure I know anyone who  has. 
anyone out there confirm the existence of such a beast?   If so, have you
ever seen one for sale, and what did it go for?

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