Is the visible gap at the spindle hole or between the platter and hub?
Further to my earlier suggestions, this would require a machine shop if you 
don’t have the tools, and it might be cheaper ultimately to buy a straight 
replacement platter from George Vollema. Regarding a cross pin in a substitute 
arbor/spindle, this would’t bend if it’s made of hard steel, like clock pivot 
wire, but again, this all may be too much work if you have replacement 
alternatives and would otherwise have to pay machine shop fees.
Andrew Baron
Santa Fe, NM

On Dec 11, 2016, at 2:06 PM, John Selph via Phono-L <> 

> The platter has been removed and is just sitting on the spindle right now.  
> The problem is that it is warped and you can see a slight gap at the platter 
> spindle joint where the platter itself has been distorted.
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> I have a VV 1-1, and here is how I removed the turntable. I would saturate 
> the spindle with either penetrating oil, liquid wrench or Kroil. Let the oil 
> seep into the spindle and the turntable. After a few hours, put a couple of 
> small pry bars underneath the turn table. Do not force this!!!! Take a 
> standard hammer and lightly tap the spindle. The turn table should pop off. 
> You might have to use the oil in more than one application. The important 
> thing is to be very gentle. These were very cheaply made machines, and 
> delicate. This method will work on other machines with stuck turn tables.
> Harvey Kravitz
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> Subject: [Phono-L] "Sprung" Platter
> Anyone know of a  way to repair a “sprung” platter?  Apparently someone 
> attempted to remove the platter on a VV 1-1 by prying and the platter is now 
> warped.  I was thinking of possibly using a press to apply pressure and 
> placing a tack weld on the “high” side of the platter/hub connection.  Would 
> this work?
> Thanks.
> John
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> live on nothing but food and water for days."  W. C. Fields
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