Years ago, I found two original external listening tube support wires. They
were so useful, making those floppy listening tubes highly functional, that
I made a run of them, some to keep and some to sell to other friends. They
were not easy to form. I vowed at the time never to make another run. About
a year ago, I went back on that statement and I made another run. Even
thought they sold out quickly, that time, I said "never again." I guess you
never say "never" or "never again."

Available once more I have made a limited production run of these listening
tube wires. The reproductions are exactly as the original, nickel plated
and highly functional.

These would be correct for any early set of listing tubes without wire
supports.  Pictures of the reproduction wire, and a scan of an original ad
showing the wire are available upon request.

The price is $40.00.  Please contact me directly at my email with interest.

Thank you

Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954
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