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Jim Nichol

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> I'd love to see a picture of the wires, Shawn.  I can't imagine what they 
> look like.
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> Subject: [Phono-L] Listening Tube Wires For Sale - Again!
> Years ago, I found two original external listening tube support wires. They 
> were so useful, making those floppy listening tubes highly functional, that I 
> made a run of them, some to keep and some to sell to other friends. They were 
> not easy to form. I vowed at the time never to make another run. About a year 
> ago, I went back on that statement and I made another run. Even thought they 
> sold out quickly, that time, I said "never again." I guess you never say 
> "never" or "never again." 
> Available once more I have made a limited production run of these listening 
> tube wires. The reproductions are exactly as the original, nickel plated and 
> highly functional. 
> These would be correct for any early set of listing tubes without wire 
> supports.  Pictures of the reproduction wire, and a scan of an original ad 
> showing the wire are available upon request. 
> The price is $40.00.  Please contact me directly at my email with interest. 
> Thank you
> Shawn 
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