*Listening Tube Wires - ONLY THREE LEFT - $40.00*

Years ago, I found two original external listening tube support wires. They
were so useful, making those floppy listening tubes highly functional, that
I reproduced a batch of them, some to keep and some to sell to other
friends. They are very elegant and cool looking, exactly as the original,
nickel plated and highly functional.

*All Reprinted Paper - 20% off*

I am excited to announce my first ever, and possibly only, paper sale. All
paper is 20% OFF. That means if it is $5.00 in the attached brochure, then
it is $4.00 in this sale. This sale goes from now until the end of
February. Then its back to regular pricing.
Please email me directly for a brochure of over 50 reprinted catalogs
currently available.

*Very Early Cylinder Holder - $250*

A super early cylinder holder for cylinder records.  This is wood,
rectangular, with 6 pegs to hold the cylinders.  I have a picture available
for those with interest.

All items plus shipping cost only.

Email me directly at mshawnorou...@gmail.com with interest.

Thank you
Shawn O'Rourke
(248) 915 0954
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