They are not very sophisticated bits of metal either.  I'm wondering if you 
ground off the rivet on the broken hinge and then flattened it out, if you 
could not yourself or get someone to make for you, the flat shape of the hinge 
with countersunk holes. Then you could bend it and re-rivet to the good 
remaining side.  A machine shop student could even do that if your local high 
school is smart enough to have a trades section.

Ron L

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Try the "Old House Parts company", in Maine. 
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 I have another phonograph,
 and Artophone, 4 door, Console that I am working on and  I’d like to get some 
reproduction, or good  functioning, hinges to replace the broken ones I 
have.Does anyone have ideas or  recommendations as to where I can find the 
hardware in the  attached photo?Thanks,John  "Once in the wilds of Afghanistan  
I lost my corkscrew, and we were forced to live on nothing  but food and water 
for days."  W. C.
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