Anyone? No one here knows about these Columbia electric motors? I would be 
shocked if that were true!

On Oct 25, 2019, at 5:35 PM, Robert Wright via Phono-L <> 

> Hello, all! Got a question on behalf of a lovely couple I get this weekend 
> regarding a big, beautiful Columbia Grafonola. I was going to find them a 
> crank for it, since they thought that's what was missing, but upon further 
> inspection, it's got the same situation as in the attached ad. Pretty cool, 
> and super clean as well.
> Problem is: how do you connect this motor to an outlet? No cable included 
> (that's the easy part), couple of loose wires, not sure what does what... I 
> only know Victor induction motors! Anyone have a schematic for getting this 
> thing wired up back to original spec? I'd sure love to help these folks if 
> possible. 
> Thanks from them and myself in advance!
> Best,
> Robert
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