You should be able to figure out what connects to what with visual
inspection and a meter that measures continuity.   Most of the old motors
went through some kind of resistance device, a long coil of wire on a
ceramic tube, for instance, as a way of controlling voltage.  You may want
to submit the question to the Electrola group.,
but don't wait too long.  Yahoo is abandoning these mailing list type

Ron L

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Anyone? No one here knows about these Columbia electric motors? I would be
shocked if that were true!

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> Hello, all! Got a question on behalf of a lovely couple I get this weekend
regarding a big, beautiful Columbia Grafonola. I was going to find them a
crank for it, since they thought that's what was missing, but upon further
inspection, it's got the same situation as in the attached ad. Pretty cool,
and super clean as well.
> Problem is: how do you connect this motor to an outlet? No cable included
(that's the easy part), couple of loose wires, not sure what does what... I
only know Victor induction motors! Anyone have a schematic for getting this
thing wired up back to original spec? I'd sure love to help these folks if
> Thanks from them and myself in advance!
> Best,
> Robert
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