On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 14:18, Steph Fox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> This commit caused a crash in tar/bignames.phpt.
> You'll be happy to hear that all other tests pass under 5_3 on my box :-)

Not for me..

Phar::buildFromIterator() iterator, too many files for open file
handles (Bug #45218) [ext/phar/tests/bug45218_SLOWTEST.phpt]
Phar: mounted manifest directory test [ext/phar/tests/mounteddir.phpt]
Phar: test edge cases of opendir() function interception
Phar::buildFromDirectory(), directory exists
Phar::buildFromDirectory() with matching regex
Phar::buildFromIterator() RegexIterator(RecursiveIteratorIterator),
SplFileInfo as current [ext/phar/tests/phar_buildfromiterator10.phpt]
Phar::buildFromIterator() RegexIterator(DirectoryIterator),
SplFileInfo as current [ext/phar/tests/phar_buildfromiterator8.phpt]
Phar: Phar::extractTo() [ext/phar/tests/phar_extract.phpt]
Phar: Phar::extractTo() - .phar safety [ext/phar/tests/phar_extract2.phpt]
Phar: invalid aliases [ext/phar/tests/tar/badalias.phpt]
Phar: tar with bad checksum [ext/phar/tests/tar/badchecksum.phpt]
Phar: tar with hard link to nowhere [ext/phar/tests/tar/links2.phpt]
Phar::buildFromIterator() iterator, 1 file resource passed in
tar-based [ext/phar/tests/tar/phar_buildfromiterator9.phpt]
Phar: tar-based phar, require_hash=1, no signature
Phar: tar-based phar corrupted [ext/phar/tests/tar/tar_001.phpt]
Phar: tar-based phar corrupted 2 [ext/phar/tests/tar/tar_002.phpt]
Phar: truncated tar [ext/phar/tests/tar/truncated.phpt]

These are all failing here


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