Hi Greg, Hannes,

You'll be happy to hear that all other tests pass under 5_3 on my box :-)

Not for me..

<snip long list of failing tests />
Phar: tar-based phar corrupted [ext/phar/tests/tar/tar_001.phpt]
Phar: tar-based phar corrupted 2 [ext/phar/tests/tar/tar_002.phpt]
Phar: truncated tar [ext/phar/tests/tar/truncated.phpt]

These are all failing here

I reverted two short blocks of code (part of the phar_build() optimization) for now.

@Hannes: Felipe reports a 100% pass rate now, can you confirm please?

@Greg: sorry, there's no way for me to try fixing this that won't involve driving Felipe mad :\ I left your new structure in place, just took out the new code that uses it.

- Steph

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