2008/6/25 Dmitry Stogov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> David,
> Are you going to run "make test" before commits?

I have

> I see more than 60 new failed tests and some of them show memory corruption.
> "make" doesn't work too, as it crashes during phar.phar build.

I have ran the tests on standards/tests/strings/ let me run it on the whole repo
maybe the failing tests are in my skipped tests, can you send me the
list of failing tests?

I have some failing tests but they are the same that were there before
I applied my patch:

Test posix_strerror() function : error conditions
Test posix_strerror() function : usage variations
Test session_save_path() function : variation
Bug #34657 (If you get a communication problem when loading the WSDL,
it fatal's) [ext/soap/tests/bugs/bug34657.phpt]
Sort with SORT_LOCALE_STRING [ext/standard/tests/array/locale_sort.phpt]
parse_ini_file() multiple calls
highlight_file() and output buffer [ext/standard/tests/strings/006.phpt]
php_strip_whitespace() and output buffer [ext/standard/tests/strings/007.phpt]

And from what I see, most of the failing tests are simply outdated
messages but nothing affected by my changes.

Moreover, phar builds just fine here, have you cvs up'ed? what OS are you on?

> Also why don't you commit to HEAD?

Haven't you noticed that I am not the only one not committing to HEAD?
We are doing this for the 5_3 release since this is the most realistic
and close one from now. I agree that it HEAD should be kept to date
but if you are to pick on me, pick on everyone who is doing this
zend-parse-parameter cleanup move please. This is not the first commit
related to the cleanup.

So just send me a list of your failing tests (offlist presumably)


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