For future: FIRST commit to HEAD then to branch(es).
This is for everyone of us. Not only you Andrey.. :)


p.s. If the CVS rules are not followed, a bunny gets it..

Andrey Hristov wrote:
andrey          Mon Jul 21 13:01:41 2008 UTC

Modified files: /php-src/ext/mysql config.m4 php_mysql.c php_mysql_structs.h /php-src/ext/mysqli mysqli.c php_mysqli_structs.h /php-src/ext/pdo_mysql config.m4 mysql_driver.c pdo_mysql.c php_pdo_mysql_int.h Log:
  MFB :
Fix for bug#45179 --with-mysql-sock fails to compile & work
  Now --with-mysql-sock controls all mysql extensions. If provided it will be
  the default value as it was set in php.ini . php.ini will override it for
  ext/mysql and ext/mysqli but not for pdo_mysql

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