Hi Zoe,

Is there documentation on this change?
Hi Greg - you mean the change I made to the phpinfo.phpt test? If so I changed it because it was failing and should not have been. Or do you mean changes to run-tests.php options?
I'm finding it a little bit
arbitrary that run-tests keeps changing basic stuff so often, it's
making me split tests simply to have a different EXPECTF for php 5.2 vs.
5.3.  First it was %s, then %a, and now %A to match multi-line?
Sure - all the --EXPECTF-- options are documented here http://qa.php.net/expectf_details.php, and, as far as I'm aware all the EXPECTF options should be common to PHP 52, PHP 53 and PHP 6. If they aren't then it's an oversight and I'll be happy to fix. I don't think any of them should require changes to existing tests.


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